Amelia Roloff

Research and Discovery Brings Hope and SAVES Lives
Me and My Mom at Susan G. Koman Race for Pink Kick-Off Party)

Amelia and her Mom, Tracy, at Susan G. Koman’s Race for Pink Kick–Off Party

Please join me in promoting awareness and support of ongoing research that will bring us closer to finding a cure for breast cancer. My family has a history of breast cancer; my great grandmother was diagnosed when she was 60 years old, and my grandmother and aunt are survivors both living cancer–free for over ten years. In May 2015, my mom was diagnosed with a rare form of breast cancer. This diagnosis would have been terminal for her just 15 short years ago, but thanks to the marvels of modern medicine she receives a drug called Herceptin. This drug saved her life. This is why I’m passionate about my project. We need to support more research to advance drug treatments that save lives.

I’m partnering with the C3 For Change as a Teen Ambassador for the ONE WORLD. ONE CAUSE.™ fundraising initiative to raise money for Nova Southeastern University’s new Cell Therapy Institute’s Director, Dr. Jean J. Latimer.

Partnering with Dr. Jean J. Latimer

Dr. Latimer’s efforts on the fight against breast cancer are why I chose to partner with her. It’s important to support her ongoing research. Her commitment to her work is so impressive. I was fortunate to meet with Dr. Latimer and her students to learn firsthand about the projects they are pursuing. The research they are doing brings me hope and I know their work will help to save lives.

  • Personalized medicine for breast cancer treatment.
  • Research of chemicals in consumer products that disrupt normal ductal formation.


Dr. Jean Latimer

Associate Professor for the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences College of Pharmacy Health Professions Division at Nova Southeastern University.

How To Support Amelia

Raising Money for Nova Southeastern University’s New Cell Therapy Institute Director